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Wendy Swire: Author of Anytime Coaching and a professional executive coach

The demands of leaders today have never been greater.

Swire Solutions is an organizational consulting and coaching firm dedicated to working with leaders and leadership teams to maximize performance, enhance resiliency, achieve superior results during change and reduce workplace conflict.

Wendy Swire is committed to finding the most effective solutions available to meet her clients’ needs to their pressing challenges. Our customized services are client-centric. The results are attainable – more productive, conflict-free and resilient leaders, teams and business units. Wendy takes a resoundingly positive approach to leverage day-to-day workplace communication and interactions. She also utilizes neuroscience and leadership concepts that are forward thinking.

Wendy also specializes in presentations to groups and audiences ranging from large conference keynote addresses to smaller senior leadership team settings.

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The Second Edition is now available on Amazon with new content on neuroscience and mindfulness

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